7 things they don't tell you about blogging

7 things they don’t tell you about blogging

Minimalism and adopting a simpler, more strategic and intentional life has completely changed my outlook on life and, although we have less, both my family and I are so much richer for what we have instead.

Through discovering and embracing this lifestyle, I have developed such a passion for helping other Mums find balance through simplicity and so I set up my website and blog to share information, support and encouragement to busy Mums everywhere.

As my site and blog continues to evolve, my passion and determination to share what I’ve learnt increases too.



To give you some behind-the-scenes context in case you want to know more about A Mum in Progress or are considering starting a blog yourself, check out my post on 7 things they don’t tell you about blogging first!


#1 It’s addictive

As the saying goes, the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. I pour my heart and soul into my blog and think really carefully about the content I’m creating and how it’s going to help you best. But it means that I’m constantly thinking about new ideas, content and resources for you, and the best ways of helping, supporting and providing you with encouragement and inspiration. When I get feedback from you, then I know it’s helping, even in some small way, to make your life easier and simpler and so I want to help you more, and others like you. The more I help you through my blog, the more inspired I am to help more! To read more about whey I started A Mum in Progress, check out these blog posts links…


#2 It forces you to re-evaluate your own life, good times and bad

Sometimes when we’ve had a bad experience, we either choose to box it up and never think about it again, or meet it head on, address any issues and then move on. With blogging, I’m not only drawing on experiences that I’ve helped others through, but I’m also drawing on my own experiences. I think about situations I’ve been faced with (both good and bad), how I dealt with them, what I learnt and the mistakes I made. When I write a blog post I often draw on these experiences and it inevitably forces me to re-evaluate my own life, the journey I’ve come on and where I’m going next. I don’t always want to re-live them, but I have to if I want to empathise and resonate with my readers.


#3 It puts Minimalism and simple living to the test

This one will make you laugh! How many times have I explained Minimalism and simple living is about being intentional with what you let into your life and how you spend your time? Loads! Well, my husband and kids would say that at busy times in my blog calendar, they’re having to fend for themselves as I’m tied up (intentionally!) with my blog! Although I still do the school run, play with the kids, generally try to be a good parent, cook the dinners etc, I do admit that the house gets a bit neglected for a while. But, hands up to my minimalist home! It can be tidied, cleaned and ready for guests at the drop of a hat. And, thanks to all my routines being in place, the laundry, dishes and all the other chores all get done too. Yay for simple living! There are some links below to posts which I’ve written on how to keep your home clean and tidy with not a lot of effort or time…

Meal planning and meal prep made simple


#4 It tests your passion and commitment

I’m a complete introvert. I love my space, time by myself, peace in which to recharge my batteries, silence to gather my thoughts. I’m also a very private person and hate being the centre of attention. So, the fact that I now have to engage via social media and the internet is scary, way out of my comfort zone and something that still causes me panic attacks and anxiety! But, it’s well worth my pain when I remember why I do what I do. I love to help others and really believe I have something to say and that it’s worth listening to. I know that Mums need minimalism and simple living to save them when they’re feeling overwhelmed, worn out, resentful and need a shoulder to cry on. So, if I can do that for them, then I’ll overcome my little insecurities and come out of my shell to help!


#5 It makes you realise that you’re still a work in progress

Just when you think you’ve got it all sussed, something comes along to show you that you haven’t. Mums get this all the time. When you think you’ve got everything on track, planned and prepared for every eventuality, then something happens and you have to solve a problem, deal with an emergency or go back to the drawing board. We’re always learning, not only about our family, but about ourselves.  We are works in progress, Mums in progress (like the name of this site). Blogging makes me think that although I’ve learnt a lot, there’s always more to learn. I love personal development, challenging myself to try more and learn more, reading new books, taking up new hobbies (when I have time) and generally expanding my horizons. The more I blog and the more research I do for it, the more I realise there’s still so much I don’t know.


#6 It’s time-consuming

Oh my gosh, if somebody had told me how many hours I would put into my blog each week, I’d probably never have started! Bearing in mind I have a family and a ‘normal’ day job, my blog would literally eat up the rest of my time if I let it. Thankfully, I’m really good at being organised, setting boundaries, prioritising and time-blocking my day, which is just as well. I’m also up before the birds every day of the week to work on my blog and any spare time when I’m not with my family or at work, I throw into my blog too. I know this is partly my choice, but I was taught that if you’re going to do something, do it as well as you can and I want to set a good example for my kids that they can do anything they put their minds to. But oh for a few extra hours in the day at the moment! Below are some links to posts on setting up routines which might help you out too.


#7 I love the sense of community

There’s not only a great blogging community out there but engaging with and hearing from busy Mums like you is just the best! It makes it all worthwhile to know that I’ve helped or inspired even a few people!


Let me know if you’ve got any thoughts, I’d love to hear from you.


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