5 ways to help an overwhelmed mum

5 quick ways to encourage and help an overwhelmed Mum

Do you hit a mental brick wall at some point in the day because you’re so tired that you just can’t summon up enough energy to carry on? Or do you feel so frazzled and lacking in patience that you’re about to shout at your kids when you know there’s probably a better way to handle the situation? Or, do you feel like screaming at the top of your voice that you want some alone time but instead your kids are clinging to you and won’t stop asking for things or demanding your attention. Before you lose the plot entirely, or for times when you need a shoulder to cry on or some encouraging words to show you that you CAN do this, remember these 5 quick ways to motivate, encourage and help an overwhelmed Mum when she can’t take any more.

10 step survival guide to fun holidays and weekends for the busy Mum

How many times have you looked forward to the weekend or holidays and can’t wait for them to come around, only to find you’re tearing your hair out within the first few hours?! Are the kids arguing and fighting, do they complain of being bored and there’s nothing to do? The weather’s turned bad and your house is messy. You need a break, but you can’t and you’re wondering how you’re going to manage the rest of the free time without having a breakdown or completely losing the plot! Well, you’re not alone so don’t feel bad or guilty for feeling like this. Just check out my 10 step survival guide to fun holidays and weekends for the busy Mum.

Why Mums shouldn’t feel selfish for looking after themselves

As Mums we often think that we’re meant to be looking after our family all the time, every minute of every day. In fact, we’re so conditioned to feeling like this that we feel guilty or selfish when we take some time out for ourselves. Sometimes to the point where it spoils our enjoyment of whatever we’re doing and we might as well not have done it in the first place. But, we need to remember that although we think we’re invincible, we’re not. We’re only human and there’s only so much we can take before we burn out if we don’t put ourselves first every now and then. If you need some reassurance or more convincing then check out this post on why Mums shouldn’t feel selfish for looking after themselves.

How to set goals and keep them

How to set goals and keep them

Do you ever set goals for yourself and then wonder why you never achieve them? Or do you flounder through life, buffeted by outside forces and not knowing where you’d like to be in 5, 10, 20 years’ time? Simplify the process and make it easier to follow through and hold yourself accountable for what happens in your life and the direction it takes. Check out my post below on how to set goals and keep them.

Maintaining relationships

How to keep the passion alive in your relationship despite having loads of children

Do you remember when you first met your partner and you were starry-eyed with passion and love? Fast forward to now when you have a family, job and 101 commitments. Do you still look at your loved one and want to spend time with them in the same lustful way or would you rather an early night and a cup of hot chocolate? Here’s some ideas why and how to keep the passion alive despite having loads of children…

Change your thoughts to change your feelings

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to talk yourself into feeling a certain way? Have you ever felt bad about a situation, dreaded something that you don’t want to do, or felt anxious or angry? I’ve done this many times until I realised that, in most cases, if I turned my negative thoughts into positive ones, then I would feel better about whatever it was and use it as an opportunity to learn and grow. This process helped me so much that it’s something I regularly encourage my kids to try for themselves and you can read more about it in this post on how to change your thoughts to change your feelings.