Hello and welcome to the page where you can really take action! I’ve included my free short courses and free challenges here so you can see them all in one place.

I’ve also included my ebooks and workbooks. They’re really useful if you need detailed information or you’re ready to dive deeper and make some big changes!

If you need any help in choosing the right course or workbook for you, or you have any suggestions for future content, I’d love to hear from you at


Simplify Your Life is a free short course, jam-packed with information. I’ll show you how simplifying your life, minimalising and decluttering your home and then the rest of your life (including your calendar, commitments, finances and so much more) can help you focus on what’s important by removing the stuff that isn’t. Find out more about Simplify Your Life…

Your Intentional Life is a short course to encourage and help you take ownership of your life through intentional living. Why be a bystander in your life and just let life happen TO you when you can decide what you want? This is YOUR intentional life. Make it count. Find out more about Your Intentional Life.

Simplify Your Christmas this year. Why spend your Christmas making sure everyone else is having a great time but stressing yourself out in the process? Make Christmas simpler by planning, organising and making things easier so you’ve got more time and energy to join in the fun and Christmas spirit! Find out more about Simplify Your Christmas.


Decluttering your home is the first step to decluttering your mum-life! So, are you ready to tackle the clutter in your home? Join my free decluttering challenge! Declutter in Progress is a COMPLETELY FREE 1 week home declutter challenge. It will help you take action over your clutter and make your home start to work for you! Find out more about the Declutter in Progress challenge.


Simplify Your Home is the complete home decluttering ebook for busy Mums who want to ditch the chaos and get control over their clutter! It’s a downloadable ebook, over 200+ page long with actionable steps and projects to guide you through decluttering every area and room in your home (and keep it that way!). Find out more about the Simplify Your Home ebook.

7 Steps to Simplify is the ultimate 120+ page downloadable workbook to help you start simplifying your mum-life in 7 easy steps. The workbook covers the main areas of your mum-life that are most likely to stress you out, take up most of your time, space or energy and that you can do something about. Find out more about 7 Steps to Simplify.

Make Your Time Work For You is a 39-page workbook in pdf format. Time is the one thing that most busy mums wish they could have more of! It’s either more time to get everything done in the day, or more time to do this AND find a little time for yourself. This workbook will help you identify practical ways you can carve out more time. Find out more about making your time work for you.