Manage your time - A Mum in Progress

Your time is precious. It’s the one thing that we all wish we could have more of but even money can’t buy you more than 24 hours in a day.

Busy Mums have so many things that need to get done and it’s sometimes difficult to fit them all in, let alone find some time for yourself.

However, with some careful planning and better management of the time that you do have, it is possible to carve out some extra time and be more efficient and productive.

Less time doing the things you HAVE to do and more time doing the things you WANT to do!


Time is the one thing that most busy mums wish they could have more of! It’s either more time to get everything done in the day, or more time to do this AND find a little time for yourself.

I can’t create more hours in the day but with a bit of planning and organisation, it IS possible to carve more time out of your day! But, it won’t happen just because you wish it!

This workbook will take you through your days and weeks to help you identify ways you can save time, be more efficient, find simpler ways of doing things and establish some solid routines and structure for your day.

It’s not so much a question of how much time you have, but more about what you do with it. This workbook will help you do all that, just for the price of a coffee or two!