7 Steps to Simplify


The ultimate workbook to help you start simplifying your mum-life in 7 easy steps


7 Steps To Simplify is a 120+ page workbook in pdf format. It will help you simplify key areas of your mum-life so you don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed any more.

If you’re looking to make changes then 7 Steps to Simplify is the total package for busy Mums who don’t know where to start, but know that they need to start somewhere!

The workbook has everything you need to start looking at your life with fresh eyes, ways to make it easier and how this is going to apply and make a difference to YOUR life.


7 Steps to Simplify workbook


What’s included?

Being a Mum is the hardest job in the world and we face new challenges every day. But with a little planning and careful thought we can make it so much easier.

This workbook will help you start to do that by…

  • Focusing on what’s really important through minimalism and being intentional
  • Getting control over your home so your stuff doesn’t control you
  • Putting strategies and routines in place to make sure you get everything done with minimal effort
  • Managing your time effectively, carving out more hours in the day and being super-productive
  • Creating time and space for self care and your own personal development so you can look after YOU as well as everyone else
  • Freeing up your mental AND physical space so you can enjoy your kids whilst they’re little and create the best life for you and your family


The workbook is designed for busy Mums like YOU!

The workbook covers the main areas of your mum-life that are most likely to stress you out, take up most of your time, space or energy and… that you can do something about.

Each module covers a different aspect of your life, whether that’s in your home, with your time, how you look after yourself and more. Not only are there chapters that you can read, but there’s questions, challenges and projects within each chapter to reinforce what you’ve read and that you can apply to your own life. You’ll be able to really work out how you can simplify what you HAVE to do, to make it easier to do what you WANT to do!


This is a workbook, not just a book. You’ll need to think and act (rather than just read) but that’s the best way for you to really change things.

Once you’ve purchased the workbook, you can view, download and print it whenever and however is most convenient for you.