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Helping busy mums simplify, organise and enjoy mum-life!
Hello and welcome!

You might have already looked around my site or you may have landed on this page first.

Either way, I’m so pleased you’ve found my little corner of the internet and I hope I can make a real positive difference to your mum-life as I help you take action!

Where to start when you’re a busy Mum

When you’re a busy Mum you don’t have much time to stop and think. Your time is probably filled to the closest nano-second with things to do, places to be and information to remember.

Rooting around this site and having the time to work out where you need to go and how to find the information you’re looking for is probably not what you want to be doing (even if you did have the time). So let me help you!

Simplify, organise, enjoy

My site is built around the three basic concepts which I think can totally make, or break, busy Mums.


As you work your way around my site and the blog, you’ll notice that I talk a lot about Minimalism. It’s basically a way of thinking that encourages you to be intentional about everything that you let into your life. Keep what you love, want and need and get rid of the stuff that just adds clutter and confusion.

My site has lots of information on how you can simplify your life and your home so that you make it quicker and easier to look after your home, do chores, manage your diary and much more. Less of a burden and more time for other things!

Ways to make life easier and simpler

I have lots of blog posts and resources you can read, download and work through to help you develop routines, strategies and systems to get organised, be more productive and manage your time better.

Your home will run more efficiently with as little input from you as possible and you can generally get your life in order so you’ve got more time and energy for the other things you want to do!


You, as a busy Mum, are the glue that holds your family together. If you’ve lost your stickiness because you’re worn out and worn down, then you’re not going to hold your family together very well!

Look after yourself through self-care, devote some time and energy to your own dreams, goals and personal development and you’ll set a great example for your kids and be emotionally, physically and mentally strong enough to deal with the daily challenges of motherhood!


For many mums though, home can also be a bit of a burden.

We have to clean our home, tidy the stuff in it, make sure we can find things, that everybody has what they need. We have to maintain it, make sure that it’s safe and the cupboards are fully stocked with food and the wardrobes fully stocked with clean clothes.

However, your home doesn’t need to be a burden on your time or energy.

Systems and strategies to support you

If you simplify your home, remove clutter and the excess, establish routines to keep it clean and tidy, get organised so that even though the rest of your day might be crazy and chaotic, then your home will only require basic maintenance from you to keep it calm and clean.

You’ll have established systems and strategies that can support you to be free to do other things.

Your time can be free to spend doing the things you WANT to do, rather than what you HAVE to do. You can play with the kids and go to the park, find time for you, try new hobbies, without worrying about what you’ve still got left to do at home.

You know that it’ll all get done, you’ve planned for everything (even how you’d handle the unexpected) and you know that YOU CAN DO THIS!


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