7 steps

7 steps to make motherhood easier

If you want to know how to make motherhood easier then check out my 120+ page workbook, 7 Steps To Simplify. It will help you simplify key areas of your mum-life through a series of chapters, projects and actionable challenges. They’re designed to give you information, tips and support to make motherhood easier, simplify YOUR life and to help you feel less stressed or worn out so you can really enjoy mum-life!

How to declutter your home in 30 days

How to declutter your home in 30 days

If decluttering your home and sorting through your stuff sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, try out my 30 day declutter challenge. Break it down into manageable chunks by decluttering just one room, area or type of item each day. You’ll soon start to notice a difference and if you make it to the end of the month, then your home will be clutter-free and much easier to keep clean and tidy. Check out this post on how to declutter your home in 30 days.

how to shop with intention

Minimalism and shopping – 18 ways to shop with intention

Some people love to shop and others hate it. I love the idea of shopping but hate it when I’m actually there. Different people have different reactions to shopping, but none of us can really deny that the shops know exactly how to draw us in, market and advertise their products and make it seem near impossible for us to live without whatever it is they are trying to sell us. For those of us who aspire to a minimalist, simpler lifestyle but find it difficult to say no and easily give in to temptation then here’s a quick guide to Minimalism and shopping – 18 ways to shop with intention.

5 ways I use my iPhone to organise my life

I always have my iPhone to hand but not so that I can mindlessly scroll through social media, play games or respond immediately to every text my friends send. Instead, my phone acts as my very own little PA, helping me to be organised, structured and on top of things so I can focus my time and energy on other, more important things. To help you get organised and simplify your life, read on for my favourite 5 ways I use my phone to organise my life.

How to declutter your sentimental items

Many people find it difficult to declutter and minimalise their stuff and some rooms in your home or types of things are definitely easier to declutter than others. Sentimental items that bring back memories or belong to someone you love, are particularly difficult and is an area where a lot of people get stuck. If you need help, then check out this post on how to declutter your sentimental items.

12 ways to reset your home in a flash

What happens if a friend phones to say they’re popping over to your house in 10 minutes for coffee? Or your mother-in-law drops by to see the grandchildren? Do you go into panic mode about the state of the house and what your visitors will think of you and your abilities as a Mum?! Stop running around like a headless chicken and check out these 12 ways to reset your home in a flash.

Create An Evening Routine

Why a great evening routine can save you time and stress for the next day

There’s a lot of information out there on the benefits of a great morning routine. It can set you up for the day, you have time on your side in case the alarm clock doesn’t go off and you can get yourself and your children up and ready without panic, stress and too much shouting. But a great evening routine can lighten the load from your morning by getting the important stuff prepared and out of the way the night before. Check out this post on why a great evening routine can save you time and stress for the next day.