minimalism, kids and toys I don't declutter

Minimalism, kids and the types of toys I don’t declutter

Decluttering the toys as part of a minimalist, simpler life is one of the best things I ever did. It created more time and less stress for me, and my children learnt to develop imaginative and creative games with the toys they did have, rather than being overwhelmed and overstimulated by too much choice. But, how do you know which toys to keep and which to get rid of? In this post I explain a bit more about minimalism, kids and the types of toys I don’t declutter.

11 ways your children benefit when you declutter the toys

Toys are one of the things that drove me crazy before I decluttered our home. They would somehow find their way into every room and I’d be forever moving and tidying them, picking them up or stepping over them. When I decluttered the toys and left my kids with less than half of what they’d originally owned, I thought they would complain and ask me where they all went. But they didn’t and it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did! Read on to see what a difference it made and 11 ways your children can benefit when you declutter the toys.

12 ways to reset your home in a flash

What happens if a friend phones to say they’re popping over to your house in 10 minutes for coffee? Or your mother-in-law drops by to see the grandchildren? Do you go into panic mode about the state of the house and what your visitors will think of you and your abilities as a Mum?! Stop running around like a headless chicken and check out these 12 ways to reset your home in a flash.

only minimalist in the house

What to do if you’re the only Minimalist in the house

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total convert to the benefits of Minimalism or whether you’re new to the whole thing and just finding your feet. Living in the same home as others who aren’t quite as keen on the lifestyle or haven’t yet discovered what a difference it can make, can be a frustrating thing. Here are 10 ways you can help your loved ones get on board with Minimalism…

20 Ways To Declutter Your Home

20 ways to declutter your home

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of your home? Are you constantly picking things up, or clearing up after your family? Does it feel that no matter how much time you spend looking after your home, it never seems to be enough and you’re fighting a losing battle? If so, don’t worry because there is a solution! Simplifying your home and getting rid of some of the clutter will make your home so much easier to look after. You’ll be able to spend less time looking after it, and more time doing other things which are far more important to you and your family. Check out this post on 20 ways to declutter your home and I’ll show you how.