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The Simple Guide to a Merry Christmas is a free 15+ page download which I’ve put together to help you create a simpler but more magical Christmas.

Why spend your Christmas making sure everyone else is having a great time but stressing yourself out in the process?

Make Christmas simpler by planning, organising and making things easier where you can so that you have more time and energy to join in the fun and Christmas spirit! After all, why shouldn’t you enjoy it as much as your kids!

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What’s inside?

Grab your free Simple Guide to a Merry Christmas and we’ll look at some of the different elements that make up a happy Christmas (or which can turn it into a festive mix of chaos and clutter!) including:

  • Finance and budgeting tips so you can spread the cost and avoid over-spending
  • Organisation, planning and how to manage your time so you’re prepared and not stressed out
  • Choosing, buying, giving and receiving presents
  • How to explain to family and friends you’re opting for a simpler, more Minimalist Christmas – without compromising on fun!
  • How to maintain routines and keep your home clutter-free
  • Choosing Christmas traditions and decorations that are special to you, without going overboard unless you want to!

Christmas should be a magical time for you, as well as your kids.

I hope my Simple Guide to a Merry Christmas will help put the magic back!

Merry Christmas!
The Simple Guide to a Merry Christmas

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